Frequently Asked Questions

How many residents and lots will there be at Groynes Park?

Groynes Park will have a total of 402 residential house sites (of which approximately 80 will form part of the Groynes Park Lifestyle Village) and will become home to an anticipated 1200 people.

Who is the developer

Groynes Park is being developed by Groynes Development (2012) Ltd.

How long will construction take at Groynes Park?

Earthworks and site preparation began in January 2013 and are due to be completed mid 2015. Lots will be released for sale in 4 stages and titles will be issued in 25 stages over the entire development.

What is the price range of sections at Groynes Park?

Groynes Park has been priced in line with surrounding neighbourhoods to allow access for anyone who would be looking to purchase a section within a new subdivision. In the first release of sections, prices will range from $199,000 to $245,000 for a 200m2 to 645m2 lot.

Who will be responsible for the town?

Groynes Park will be within the domain of the Christchurch City Council and will be responsible for services like rubbish collection, street and road maintenance etc.

Do I need to sign-off from Groynes Park before the council approves my building consent?

Yes. Please refer to the Groynes Park Design Guidelines for the plan approval process.

How long will the plan approval process take?

The Groynes Park plan approval process under Section 2 of the Land Covenants (which is attached to the Sale & Purchase Agreement) should take no more than ten working. The Christchurch City Council plan approval process may take a further four weeks or possibly longer.

Is there a building timeframe for completing private dwellings?

Yes. All construction works are required to be completed for a dwelling on any lot within 12 months of commencement of construction. This includes painting or staining of exterior. Front landscaping including lawns, paths, driveways and fences must be finished prior to compliance being issued.

Are fences permitted at Groynes Park?

Yes. For full details of all other fencing requirements, please refer to the Groynes Park Building Construction and Lot Development Covenants.

When will lot owners receive their first rates account?

Rates will start accumulating on settlement of title. Rates are an annual charge and are set by the Christchurch Council on the information held in the rates database on 1 July of each year. Contact Customer Services at the Council on (03) 941 8999 for more information.

What sort of storm water system is there?

The stormwater system is an enclosed (piped) system to water treatment ponds on either side of the new proposed North Western By-Pass Motorway. There are no swales within the subdivision.

Where does the water supply come from?

The water is supplied by Christchurch City Council from a main line adjacent to Groynes Road.

Are there still properties for sale?

Groynes Park will be released for sale in stages until completion. There are a range of new residential opportunities at Groynes Park, including apartment-style developments and a variety of House and Land Packages. For up-to- date availability and information, visit

What deposit is required when purchasing a lot?

A 10% deposit is required within 5 days of the Sale & Purchase Agreements becoming unconditional. Deposit amounts for House and Land Packages and completed homes will vary.

How long do purchasers have to pay?

Purchasers have 10 working days to settle from issue of title.

When can I start building at Groynes Park?

You may start building at Groynes Park upon issue of title or sooner, depending on the Groynes Park Roading Programme.

Will Groynes Park home owners be expected to pay any additional service fees other than normal council rates?

Groynes Park is within the Christchurch City Council and normal council rates will apply. It is not anticipated that there will be any additional service fees or corporate charges for sections at Groynes Park.

When will household rubbish collection start?

Rubbish collection will be determined by the Christchurch City Council. Please contact the Christchurch City Council on (03) 941 8999 for rubbish collection queries and to request your bin.

What is a title and how does it work?

A title is a record of land ownership. Once all the infrastructure work and survey work specific to a lot has been completed the surveyor prepares and lodges survey transactions directly to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). If the documentation is in order LINZ issues the title.

What protective covenants are in place?

Groynes Park has two sets of protective covenants - the‘Groynes Park Land Covenants’ and the ‘Groynes Park Building & Lot Development Covenants’. All lot owners must comply with these covenants which are available on the Groynes Park website:

Who do I talk to about the conditions of the protective covenants?

For help on the covenants, contact the Groynes Developmet (2012) Ltd Compliance Supervisor on (03) 323 9091.

When can purchasers access their site?

Lot owners may access their site once title is issued. Roads within a Stage become public roads owned by the Christchurch City Council once titles in that Stage are issued. Parking is to be on the streets only. No parking is permitted on the berms.

When will street numbers be available?

All lots within Groynes Park are numbered. Street numbers become available once title is issued. The Christchurch City District Council advises Groynes Park of the street numbers and names in each Stage. As these become available they are put onto the Groynes Park website for viewing.

Can I choose my own home builder?

Yes you may choose your own builder. All build plans and construction must apply with the land covenants and building and lot construction covenants.

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